The presence of Cadmium in jewellery and accessories is an increasing matter for concern due to the harmful effects that this toxic element can have. As a result of this European Legislation under the Reach Directive and other legislation around the world limits the amount of Cadmium allowed in jewellery and other articles.

AnchorCert Analytical offers a UKAS Accredited Cadmium content test to check if items comply with EU and other worldwide regulations.

Lead is also an element that causes concern and  this to has also been restricted by Reach and other worldwide Regulations.

As a result of this, many customers require their items to be tested for both Lead and Cadmium content. AnchorCert Analytical therefore offers a unique, UKAS accredited combined test to check for both Lead and Cadmium simultaneously, which is cheaper than testing for them separately.

The turnaround time for this service is within 5 working days.



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