Automotive and industrial catalysts contain a range of precious metals including platinum, palladium and rhodium as well as base metal catalyst elements.

Whether you are buying or selling automotive catalyst, small variations in “measured” amounts of platinum, palladium and rhodium can have a large impact financially.

Catalysts can be sampled and tested for their high value precious metal content prior to being incorporated into various applications. When catalysts have been exhausted or depleted they retain precious metals that can be recovered during the refining process.

AnchorCert Analytical routinely analyses catalyst materials and is able to offer a range of techniques to offer the best results depending on our customer requirements, highly accurate results can be provided with accuracy exceeding typically 2%.

AnchorCert Analytical offers drying of the catalyst sample or LOI (loss on ignitions) prior to the analysis and uses the best techniques to give the most accurate results to our customer albeit from manufacture to recovery stage.

If you are involved in the auto-catalyst industry, you can have confidence in our third party assessments and analytical services. Whether you want to determine the composition of new catalysts or recycle spent catalysts, AnchorCert Analytical can cover your analytical needs.


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