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submit a sample 

Submit a Sample

Samples are delivered to AnchorCert Analytical for a wide variety of tests and every customer's requirements are individual.

To help us process your samples efficiently and deliver accurate results quickly, we recommend  you do the following:

  1. Clearly mark sample bags with the sample code using ink, preferably a black marker pen. If you are an international customer, please clearly mark the packaging with "Sample for analysis – No commercial value".
  2. Print and complete a submission form indicating the tests you require for each sample. You may need to use more than one form  if you are submitting items for a variety of tests. You can find our submission forms in our Download Center here.
  3. Despatch your samples with your form to  AnchorCert Analytical,  1 Moreton Street, Birmingham, B1 3AX, United Kingdom

Please note some combination of tests will require more than one sample.  Please contact us on 0121 262 1005 to discuss if you have any queries. 

Please ensure you have read and agree to our terms & conditions before submitting your samples.

If you wish to have the items returned then please tick the appropriate box on the form (postal charges will apply). 


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