Dental Scrap


Dental Scrap

Dental alloys are alloys specially developed for the dental industry. They often contain a number of precious metals from Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

There are hundreds of different alloys used within the dental industry which contain precious metals, with the most common being- high-gold, palladium-based and silver-base alloys in the majority.

These elements form the basic material for the dental alloys used in amalgams, crowns, bridges and other dental fittings. Once removed, they are a valuable precious metals resource.

For information on the Dental Regulations please click here.

AnchorCert Analytical offers its services to all parts of the supply chain from the manufacturers of dental alloys through to the dentists, technicians and bullion dealers and uses the very best techniques to give the most accurate results to our customers.

One of AnchorCert Analytical’ s dental services  is our independent melt and assay service, whereby the dental scrap can be melted down into a bar and an assay report will be produced which contains details of the precious metals in the bar. Our reports are widely accepted by all the major refiners and bullion dealers, who will pay out at a higher rate due to the fact the bar has been independently melted and assayed by AnchorCert Analytical.



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