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crystal glassLegislation has been enforceable since October 2013 which states that the lead content in an item of jewellery or a hair accessory must be less than or equal to 0.05 per cent (500 parts per million) by weight of the individual part. However, it is recognised that there are not any suitable alternatives for some materials with a higher lead content, and vitreous enamels and crystal glass are therefore exempt from the regulation. Inevitably, manufacturers and importers are now keen to identify the components that can be classified as crystal glass as defined by the EU Directive of 1969 cited in the lead regulation.

In order to be classified as one of the categories of crystal glass the material must comply with three different criteria which regulate its chemical composition, its refractive index and its relative density.

To determine this requires two different sets of technical expertise and so through the combined resources of AnchorCert Analytical and the AnchorCert Gemmological Laboratory, Assay Office Birmingham is in a unique position to offer two unique tests to determine if an item is crystal glass and/or compliant with the REACH regulations.

These rigorous tests developed by and unique to Assay Office Birmingham determine whether glass is full lead crystal, or any other type of crystal glass, as defined by an EU Directive of 1969 (Annex I of Council Directive 69/493/EEC-1969).

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Test 1 – Combined Lead and Crystal compliance test – Quick Qualitative test

The item will first be submitted for lead testing, if it contains less than 500ppm of lead, the test will end there as the item is compliant with the Lead Reach Regulations and therefore the customer will only pay the price of a Lead test, however if the item fails the lead test then it will be tested further automatically to determine if it is crystal glass, this test will state if the item is crystal glass or not or if it’s compliant with the lead reach regulations, it will not state the category of crystal glass or give any numerical values.

 crystal glass

Test 2 – Crystal full identification test – Full Quantitative test

This test will state if the item is crystal glass or not or if it is compliant with the lead reach regulations, it will also state the category of crystal glass and give all numerical values.


For more information on these UNIQUE tests or to request a quotation please call AnchorCert Analytical on 0121 262 1017 or contact us here.


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