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All toys & games sold in the UK must meet the standards set out in the EN71 toys safety directive, in short, toys must be safe to use and fit for purpose.  

Anyone selling or distributing toys in the EU is responsible for ensuring this is the case. British Standard EN 71 comprises 13 sections which regulate toy safety.

The most commonly requested tests are the first three sections:

EN71 - 1: Mechanical and physical properties 

EN71 - 2: Flammability

EN71 - 3: Migration of toxic elements

In addition to the EN71 directive, toys and games that contain certain materials will need additional testing, as described below.

Any toys that include soft plastic parts should be tested for Phthalates. Phthalates are liquids added as a softener in PVC, plastics and elastomers to increase flexibility. Used in screen and plasticised prints. Phthalates are a concern as they can migrate from plastic into the body if it comes into contact with saliva or sweat. Phthalates are Toxic via exposure to skin contact and if swallowed/inhaled may damage fertility, suspected of damaging harm to the unborn child and reproductive disorders. 

Any toys that include  textile or leather garments should be tested for Azo DyesAzo dye are used to colour textiles and leather. The EU Regulation 1907/2006 Annex XVII restricts  aromatic amines which are known to be carcinogens or potential carcinogens.


AnchorCert Analytical is able to facilitate your toys and games testing needs. Please call us on 0121 262 1017 or contact us here to discuss further.


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