‘Innovative Metal Manufacturing Technologies for Industry’ MA will be launched at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery this September.

Designed to fill a gap in metal manufacturing industry related education requirements, the course is aimed at students wishing to gain industry relevant proficiency in materials, technologies, industry standards and planning abilities. The course helps students develop a cultural level and planning ability suitable for an entrepreneurial manufacturing environment and understanding of the economics of production technologies.

Whilst the jewellery industry is, and will always remain, a craft industry largely based on the artisans skills to both design and finish beautiful items of jewellery it is impossible to at the same time ignore the significant technological advances that impinge on the craft industries. The continual and exponential increases in computing power continue to drive forward many interesting and novel technological advances. Computer Aided Design is now quicker, easier to use cost effectively and capable of producing stunning photorealistic rendered images and the files produced easily and simply transfer into the worlds of Computer Aided Manufacturing and 3D Printing.

3D Printing now influences not only the proof of concept and conceptual design process’ but is now also considered an effective manufacturing process with applications ranging from the printing of castable waxes to the printing directly in metals using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology (sometimes called Additive Manufacturing) 

The course has been developed in partnership with industry by the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre (JIIC) who are internationally respected for their expertise in utilising highly complex 3D CAD/CAM and laser technologies to provide small-scale product development solutions.

The Centre has worked closely with the Jewellery Industry since its inception in 1997, driving and supporting the introduction and adoption of cutting edge technology applications in the jewellery and allied industries. By undertaking pioneering projects/research in the areas of innovative metal manufacturing, and the application of advanced techniques.

Staff at the JIIC are currently working on an ‘Innovate UK’ project, which aims to rapidly bring the process of 3D Printing (additive manufacturing) for precious metal jewellery to full commercial maturity.

Running from 7 September 2015, the course is spread over a period of 45 weeks.  The opportunity to study the course over a two-year period part-time is also available.

For more information about the course, please follow this link to Birmingham City University's website



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